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Frank Budelewski "Big Frank"

Frank Budelewski “Big Frank” started as a football player when he was 6 years old. It’s what his father groomed him to do and be, knowing that his larger than average size would be an asset. And it was, eventually helping him to earn a scholarship with aspirations of playing pro football. That all ended due to a severe crash that almost claimed his life. 6 long years he was laid up, and went through many surgeries. Doctors told him he would never walk correctly, couldn’t play ball, couldn’t lift weights, and may never run. He would be handicapped and was issued a parking pass. Being immobile caused his metabolism to slow considerably. As muscle atrophied, fat was gained. A tremendous amount of fat. More than half of his bodyweight was comprised of it. He reached a low point where he would either take or change his life. Thankfully for many, he chose the latter. He fought through pain. Learned hypnotherapy, and educated himself. He lost 150lb and decided to rebuild muscle. Wanting a goal to stick to, he told people he would compete in bodybuilding. They laughed. Friends and family laughed. Until he too the stage in 2001 and won. That night you could hear a pin drop when he took the stage and it drastically changed how people viewed him. After that show, he kept competing himself and assisting others. Starting locally and expanding worldwide with clients in 13 different countries, and had a competitive team of top amateur and pro clients. Male and female. In 2008 he earned his bodybuilding pro card and competed as a pro in 2010 and 2012. He also began writing for several magazines under # Ask Big Frank”. In 2013 started to take notice, featuring him several times, eventually naming him “Male of the Year”, selected amongst millions of members. A huge honor. As he was preparing for a 3rd pro show, he was employed as a Federal Detention Officer and was involved in a training accident that took hearing from his left ear, 3 herniated disks, dislocated jaw, shattered nose, and a severe brain injury that took many years to recover from. Unlike his car accident, this injury was more difficult because it was “invisible” and even more dehabilitating. But once again through education, determination, and progressive medical assistance, he was able to better himself and started to devote himself to others. Despite being inducted into the weightlifting and Martial Arts halls of fame in 2016, his main focus was on others. Traveling to meet and speak to others with invisible afflictions and injuries. Encouraging them to never give up and the power of believing in yourself. This year June 12, 2001 he is being inducted a second time into the Martial Arts Hall of fame. 3 days before his 50th birthday, yet plans to be in the best shape of his life. Also proving that age is nothing but a number, and continuing his dedication to helping others.

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